Steven Michael’s Hair Studio would love to help you donate your hair! We support The Locks of Love Foundation, as well as the Wigs for Kids Foundation.

There is no extra charge to your haircut if you choose to donate! Just let us know that you are interested in donating your hair.

We will give you the form and information with address for where to send your hair. Steven Michael’s Hair Studio does not mail the hair for you.

Locks of Love Accepts:

  • Hair that is a minimum of 10 inches long
  • Hair that is colored or permed
  • Hair sent in a ponytail or braid
  • Layered hair is acceptable if the longest layer is 10 inches
  • Layered hair may be divided into several ponytails
  • 10 inches measured tip to tip. (Curly hair pulled straight for measurement)
  • Gray hair is acceptable

Locks of Love does NOT Accept: Bleached/Heavily Highlighted hair, Hair less than 10 inches or Dreadlocks.

Wigs for Kids Accepts:

  • Minimum length of 12 inches tip to tip, (curly hair pulled straight for measurement)
  • Hair in a tightly bound ponytail or braid sent in a plastic bag and sealed envelope
  • Gray hair is also acceptable